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Escoffier by the Numbers

Escoffier Recipe Index

A handy index to all Auguste Escoffier recipes that I have completed thus far, ordered by number.


We’re using the numbering system from the first English translation of Escoffier’s full fourth French edition [1921] of Guide Culinaire, which includes 5012 numbered recipes. The first abridged English translation [1907] contained 2973, and has different recipe numbers. Note also that some basic recipes in the 1907 edition do not appear in the 1921 (i.e., beurre clarifié). In these cases, version dates are annotated to the recipe number.

Through the years, Escoffier edited his recipes, thus they differ from edition-to-edition of Guide Culinaire. Some recipes herein have been adapted accordingly.

1. Estouffade, Brown Stock

4. Fond Brun de Veau, Brown Veal Stock

6. Fumét de Poisson, Fish Fumét, Fish Stock

13. Roux Brun, Brown Roux

14. Roux Blond, Blond Roux

15. Roux Blanc, White Roux

16. Sauce Espagnole, Spanish Sauce

17. Sauce Espagnole Maigre, Fish Espagnole Sauce

22. Velouté de Poisson, Fish Velouté

49. Sauce Genevoise, Geneva Sauce

139. Sauce Normande, Normandy Sauce

175. Beurre Clarifié, Clarified Butter [1907]

202. Sauce Mayonnaise

234. Beurre d’Ecrevisse, Crayfish Butter

281. Bread Panada

282. Flour Panada

488. Fine Fish Forcemeat for Quenelles for Soups

2921. Côtes de Porc à la Flamande, Baked Porkchops with Apples

2922. Côtes de Porc Grand’mère, Ground Pork Chops

4995. Bavaroise, Rum Bavaroise, Bavarian Tea

Sirop Capillaire, Maidenhair Fern Syrup

Bouillon de Champignons, Mushroom Stock

Bouillon de Moules, Mussel Stock